How To Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

Cleaning your hot tub filter is something you need to do to keep your hot tub water in good shape. In this article, we look at several ways to clean your filter, and we include a video below as well.

Here’s how to clean your hot tub filter.

Water Rinse

The first method you can use is a quick rinse.

  1. Pull the filters out of your hot tub and give them a quick rinse with water.
  2. You can rinse them with a garden hose or in a sink.
  3. Be sure to spread each pleat apart and rinse well. Make sure you get inside the pleats to reach and get dirt, hair, or other debris out.
  4. If you use your hot tub a lot, do this once a week.

Chemical Rinse

  • Purchase a bottle of hot tub filter cleaner.
  • If you already have filter cleaner, and it doesn’t come in a spray bottle, use the recommended dilution method for the cleaner and put it in a clean spray bottle.
  • Generously spray your hot tub filters.
  • Let them sit for about 15 minutes.
  • Rinse them well with clean water. You don’t want any extra foam in your hot tub once the filters are back in.

Chemical Soak

  • Use a hot tub filter cleaning chemical (NOTE: do not use household products)
  • Dilute the chemical with water according to the directions on the bottle.
  • Make sure you use enough water to submerge one filter completely.
  • Let the filter rest in the solution per the directions on your product bottle. Some cleaners may have you soak for an hour, while others may specify overnight.
  • The next day, rinse your filters well with clean water so you don’t have foamy hot tub water.

Final Thoughts

The best thing you can do for your spa is to keep your filters clean. Regular cleaning is important to your spa maintenance.

Rinse your filters once a week with clean water to keep debris from building up. Your filters will work better and last longer.

Then, use the chemical rinse method once every three to four months when you drain and refill.

Finally, you can use the chemical soak method about every six months for great results.

You can also have two sets of hot tub filters so you can continue using your spa while cleaning the filters.

Enjoy your hot tub!