Cheesy Monkey Bread

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Aaron Williams

Aaron can help with your water test!

Meet Aaron Williams our full time retail associate at the 21st street store.

Aaron has been with Fiesta since July 2016. He started out as summer help and became a full time employee in 2019.

Did You Know?

  • Aaron has a degree in Criminal Justice from NSU.
  • He has two sisters, a brother and his Mom live in Tulsa.
  • Aaron’s grandparents are long time customer’s of Fiesta and have a Doughboy pool they bought from us over 40 years ago and yes, it is still standing and in use every summer!
  • In his spare time, Aaron enjoys fixing things.
  • He likes all things from the 1980’s era even though he is only 24!

Aaron is always willing to help our customers with any of their pool or spa needs. Stop by and see Aaron soon!

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