The Best Time to Relax is When You Don't Have Time for I2t

“I don’t have time.”

“There’s too much to do.”

“The kids need me.”

Well, the best time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. Really!

Let’s break it down and provide some easy ways to relax, de-stress and wake up refreshed.

Turn Off the Screens

That means all of them – computer, television and yes, your smartphone.

The artificial light from your TV and devices affects your melatonin production and throws off your circadian rhythms.

This makes it hard for you to not only fall asleep but to stay asleep.

Buy a Houseplant

Being outside naturally provides stress relief, but if that isn’t an option, add a little greenery to your home and your office.

Plants are also great at increasing oxygen levels in your house and clearing out toxins so you can breathe easier, thus increasing your well-being.

Listen to Classical Music

Classical music has the ability to calm the mind, slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. What’s more, it decreases your stress hormones.

Music makes us happy, and classical music takes it one step further by making us feel calmer.

Read, While Eating Chocolate

Reading is a great way to take your mind away to another place. Whether you’re reading a juicy romance novel, a page-turner whodunnit or a brilliant non-fiction piece, reading makes you forget all your cares.

Up the ante on relaxation while ready by nibbling on a piece of dark chocolate. It’s a great stress reliever.

Go Outside

Take a walk, go for a jog or hop on your bike.

It doesn’t matter quite as much what you do as it does that you’re doing it outside.

Fresh air is a great way to relax, and being outside exercising is good for your body and soul.

Take a Soak

What better way to relax each day than a soak in a hot tub?

We find that a soak in the morning relaxes us and leaves us ready to meet the day’s challenges with fresh energy.

A night time soak allows us to relax by soaking our cares away and spending time either alone or with loved ones.

The effects of warm water are numerous, and a hot tub soak is full of relaxation benefits.

Final Thoughts

Carve out some me time: unwind, slow down, breathe and relax. If stress is part of your life, take some time off your busy, hectic schedule today. It’s a great excuse to take a well-deserved break.

Take this day to spend time in your pool or soak in your hot tub. Carve out some time to grill outside with friends and family. If you take the time to relax, you’ll improve your health and in the end find yourself feeling recharged and rejuvenated.

Ready to explore your hot tub options?