Miracles really do happen!

This amazing Endless Pools Fitness Systems story about water therapy is truly inspiring. Sharing Ian’s story and video below…

Ian’s Story

When Ian was five years old, he was involved in a car accident that took the lives of his parents and left him with a massive brain injury. Ian has lived with his two surviving siblings and Aunt Melissa ever since. For the last decade, Melissa has sought out the best therapy options to help Ian with his daily physical challenges—the most effective being water therapy.

Water Therapy

Water therapy has had a tremendously positive impact on Ian and has helped ease the extreme muscle tightness caused by his injury. It wasn’t until a casual conversation with a family friend that Melissa learned about how much an Endless Pools Fitness System would improve his life, as well as the lives of his two siblings.

Melissa mentioned to her friend Peter the impact water therapy had on Ian but found the lack of availability at their local therapy centers frustrating. This conversation opened the doors to an opportunity that changed their lives forever. Watch this video to learn more.

These are the days – the memory makers!

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