What is a Kamado Grill

You may have heard the term Kamado grill bounced around. You may know that it’s a round grill, but maybe you’re wondering what else it is.

In this article, we answer the question, “What is a Kamado grill?”

A Kamado Grill

Kamado style grills are based on ancient technology that’s over 3,000 years old!

Yes, that’s right! Archaeologists found the earliest of the round, clay cooking vessels in China. It is thought the Chinese introduced these cookers to their Japanese neighbor. This in turn evolved into the Kamado grills we love today.

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The Japanese Rice Cooker

The Japanese “Mushikamado” or “rice cooker” included a removable dome lid, a damper, and draft door. Wood or charcoal fueled the grill. Later on a cooking grate was retrofitted for roasting meats.

Introduced to Americans soon after the Second World War, the mushikamado eventually became known as a “Kamado,” which means “cooking range” or “stove.”

Wood and Charcoal Used to Cook

Crafted in the iconic dome shape, Kamado Grills generally still use wood or charcoal.

Using direct and indirect heat to cook, people generally use Kamado cookers to grill or smoke pork, beef, and chicken (YUM!). However, Kamado Grills are extremely versatile due to the high heat that can be held inside. They can work as an oven for baking pizza, bread, cookies, brownies, and pies.

How Egg Works

The Modern Day Kamado

Manufacturers make modern day Kamado grills with sturdy ceramic material. Users control the temperature with two vents at the top and bottom of the dome (like the ancient Mushikamados). These vents allow the air to enter at the bottom of the dome, heating the coals and allowing the smoke to escape at the top, giving food that delicious smoky flavor.

The Big Green Egg

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