How to Smoke on the Big Green EGG

How to Smoke on the Big Green Egg

You can do many things on the Big Green Egg. In fact, versatility is what it’s known for. Not only can you grill (both directly and indirectly), you can roast, smoke and even back on the EGG

The EGG offers unparalleled cooking experiences, and you’ll soon discover how easy and fun it is to create a variety of dishes or an entire meal in your EGG.

Today, we’re going to look at how to smoke on the Big Green Egg.

Cooking Low and Slow

Some people say that “real barbecue” and smoking are all about cooking slowly over low heat infused with wood smoke. We tend to agree.

Why do we like cooking “low and slow?” When you cook this way it tenderizes the tough (and usually less expensive) cuts of meat like brisket, pork shoulder, pork butts and spare ribs by breaking down the connective tissue.

When it comes to smoking these meats, cooking are measured in hours instead of minutes. Be patient as it is well worth your time.

The End Result

You can count  on succulent, fall-off-the-bone tenderness. This combines with the complex combination of spices, smoke and natural meat flavors to create a tangy flavor.

We encourage you to try smoking more than the regular types of meat. Be creative and experiment with fish, turkey, chicken, nuts, vegetables, and even cheeses. While these don’t need to be tenderized with slow cooking, they taste even better when they are gently touched by the essence of wood smoke over the low heat.

Smoking Temperatures

At what temperature should you smoke your food? We suggest smoking temperatures ranging from 225°F/107°C to 275°F/135°C.

Your EGG is designed to make it easy to adjust the draft openings to set the proper temperature for “low and slow.” The EGG is unique in that you don’t have to constantly work to maintain low temperatures during the long smoking period. our EGG can retain heat at precise temperatures for many hours of cooking with little attention from you.

You’ll find a convEGGtor is particularly useful when smoking because it adds a barrier between the food and the direct heat of the fire. It  also allows the hot air and smoke to circulate around your food. The convection effect makes it so you don’t have to constantly turn food during smoking or low-temp cooking.

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