How to Maximize Your Chlorine Usage

Swimming Pool

Like most swimming pool owners, you probably heard about an impending chlorine shortage in 2021. While this hearkens back to last year’s toilet paper shortage, we want to assure you that things will be ok!

If you’re wondering how to maximize your chlorine usage so it works effectively, we’ve got some suggestions for how to maximize your chlorine usage this summer. We outline a few tips in this article. First let’s look about the importance of chlorine.

Why Do I Have to Use Chlorine in My Pool?

Pool owners need to use chlorine in the swimming pool to kill bacteria. It’s vital to the health of your swimming pool.

You want to remember, though, that chlorine isn’t as effective, won’t last as long, and won’t help your water quality if any of these conditions are present:

  • Algae
  • Contaminants
  • Phosphate
  • A high pH

So what can you do to make your chlorine more effective?

BIO Chlorine Help Sheet

How to Maximize Your Chlorine

  1. First, you can prevent and kill algae with a dual-action chemical called Algae Complete. You usually just need one value-sized bottle to control algae all season long!
  2. Next, you want to keep your phosphate levels low while removing contaminants. You can do this with the all new Pool Juice Phosphate Remover. You only need one weekly dose for this product to break down non-living contaminants in the water and on the filter. The end result is sparkling water!
  3. Finally, keep your pH level in the right range so you have softer water all season. With one application of BioGuard Optimizer you’ll have great water.

Do Your Weekly and Monthly Maintenance

There are a few things you want to attend to on a regular basis. Doing these things will make your chlorine more effective and your pool water healthier, cleaner, and clearer. You’ll love using your pool on a regular basis by following these simple steps.

  1. Brush and vacuum your pool. If your pool is dirty it tasks the chlorine.
  2. Eliminate build up and improve your pool’s filtration by cleaning your filter regularly.
  3. Clean your salt cell to keep plates clear and chlorine production up.
  4. Test your water – don’t forget we offer FREE water testing! This helps keep your water balanced so your chlorine is more effective.

Final Thoughts

At Fiesta Pools and Spas, we are always here for you to help you manage your chlorine usage. If you have questions about the chlorine shortage, need products, or service, stop by, give us a call, or contact us today! You can also shop online for your pool chemicals, and we’ll have them ready for you to pick up in the store.

We proudly carry BioGuard products!