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Chemical Sale

Fiesta’s Annual Chemical Sale Starts Now!

Your once-a-year savings on pool and spa chemicals are here! Fiesta's Annual Chemical Sale Starts Now! Stock up for the entire season during our Annual Chemical Sale now through April 1, 2023! ENJOY HUGE SAVINGS ON ALL CHEMICALS SAVE…
Swimming Pool

How to Maximize Your Chlorine Usage

Like most swimming pool owners, you probably heard about an impending chlorine shortage in 2021. While this hearkens back to last year's toilet paper shortage, we want to assure you that things will be ok! If you're wondering how to maximize…
How to Get Softer Pool Water

How to Get Softer Pool Water

Your pool looks great, but does it feel great? We're talking about water that feels so good you can't help but be impressed. If you're using generic white sanitizers, they do nothing to improve the feel of the water, and most of them don't…
Why Use BioGuard Products

Why Use BioGuard Products?

Wondering why BioGuard products are so great? This video tells you why these are the best products on the market and how buying your chemicals from us takes all the guesswork out of taking care of your pool! We are your Tulsa area most trusted…

Never Worry About Algae in Your Pool Again!

***THE Tru•Blue Promise® program by BioGuard is no longer in use.*** How'd you like it if we told you that you never have to worry about algae in your pool again? Well, it's true! You don't! BioGuard designed the Tru•Blue Promise®…