How to Get Softer Pool Water

Your pool looks great, but does it feel great? We’re talking about water that feels so good you can’t help but be impressed.

If you’re using generic white sanitizers, they do nothing to improve the feel of the water, and most of them don’t last very long or keep algae out of the pool. Read more

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Beat the heat, wow the kids, and cool off while cooking on the EGG.  Mix and match your favorite flavors of ice cream with your favorite type of cookie for the best homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches! There’s nothing better than baking cookies in the summer and keeping the heat outside!

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Capture Life as a Series of Moments

Never before has every minute seemed so precious. Watch this video from our partners at the Master Pools Guild as they remind us how precious our time is together.

In this video, they capture life as a series of moments.

Adding an Inground Pool

In these unique times we live in during the COVID-9 pandemic, more and more people are looking towards making family memories right at home.

If you’re thinking about adding an inground pool to your backyard retreat, you want to start the conversation now as time slots for 2020 are nearly filled.

Please note: if you have contacted us (or will be) about an inground swimming pool, we ask for your patience please. It may take us awhile to get back to you as so many in our greater Tulsa area are looking for pools, too. We will get back with you soon!

Dealing with Excessive Chlorine Loss

Well, it’s hot, but you already knew that. And, so does your swimming pool.

When it is excessively hot here in Oklahoma, pools can experience excessive chlorine loss. This is especially true on extra sunny days with no clouds. But, you do have options, and you can enjoy a crystal clear, clean pool.

What is Excessive Chlorine Loss

This happens when your pool has a consistent inability to maintain chlorine levels. You may have heard this referred to as chlorine demand.

When you have a high level of inorganic and organic contaminants in the water, you will end up with chlorine demand.

Why? These contaminants force the chlorine to work extremely hard to oxidize them, leaving little chlorine to protect your swimmers. Proper chlorine levels cannot be reestablished without first eliminating the contaminants.

External factors such as sunlight and heat contribute to this chlorine loss because bacteria grows better when it’s hot. As the bacteria multiply, your  pool uses up your free chlorine.

In addition, sunlight causes a loss in free chlorine because as the ultraviolet rays shine on your pool, the chlorine is released as a gas. You can experience a huge loss of chlorination in your pool in just a few hours on the sunniest days.

Proper pool maintenance can help prevent and alleviate the problem.

How to Fix Chlorine Demand

First, you want to bring us a sample of your water. We can run it through our free ALEX computerized system to determine the extent of the chlorine demand.

Then, we may recommend specific products such as one of BioGuard’s BurnOut products to clear your problems.

How to Prevent Excessive Chlorine Loss

To prevent the problem in the first place, we recommend using BioGuard Pool Complete. Use this in your weekly maintenance routine to reduce contaminant levels. We also recommend the following:

  • Maintain an appropriate sanitizer residual of 1-3ppm
  • Shock/oxidize routinely or as needed depending on bather load
  • Test water frequently and adjust as needed
  • Routinely check for circulation and filtration issues

Final Thoughts

We are here to help! If you need expert advice or service, our team is ready to assist. Stop by, give us a call, or contact us below!

How to Have a Safe Pool Party During a Pandemic

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