turkey potato skins

A new take on potato skins! Stuffed with turkey and drizzled with BBQ sauce and a traditional dollop of sour cream, you’ll love these Turkey Potato Skins. Read more

Why Use BioGuard Products

Wondering why BioGuard products are so great? This video tells you why these are the best products on the market and how buying your chemicals from us takes all the guesswork out of taking care of your pool! Read more

how the big green egg is made

Since 1974, producing the highest quality ceramic cookers has been the mission of Big Green Egg, and we’re going to look at how the Big Green Egg is made.

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Swimming is Great for Weight Loss

Do you know anyone who swims on a regular basis? If so, you might notice they are super fit. They tend to eat what they want, yet they don’t pack on the pounds.

Why is this? It’s the easy on your body sport of swimming. In this article, we discuss how swimming is great for weight loss and why. Read more


Meet Doug, our full-stime Service Manager, based out of our 21st Street store. He is the one who comes out to service and help you take care of your hot tub so it’s running perfectly when you want to use it! Read more