Thriving Against the Odds

Thriving Against the Odds

“We simply may not have done it yet.” Meet the Kozeras family who believes in the power of yet.

Brian is a police officer, triathlete, father of three, and a cancer survivor. Life was great for him and his wife, Kristin, a part-time chemist. That was until 2014, when they received a pair of dire diagnoses for Brian and for their newborn daughter, Avery.

“I didn’t want to survive,” Brian reflects. “I want to thrive in this life, and I want that same thing for my family.”

As part of their commitment to making the most of every opportunity, they installed an Endless Pools® Performance model for Avery’s aquatic therapy and Brian’s recovery and triathlon training. He competed at the IRONMAN World Championships on behalf of Team in Training, an organization using endurance challenges to fund raise for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Watch how the Kozeras are thriving against the odds — and learn why Brian and Kristin believe in “The Power of Yet” in this moving, inspirational video.

The Power of Yet: Thriving Against the Odds

Video from Endless Pools.