The Hot Tub is Your Backyard Centerpiece

Your backyard is a show stopper with beautiful flowers and trees. You love the beauty every time you step on your deck or patio.

Perhaps you spend your weekends planting new flowers, adding trees and shrubs while keeping the weeds away and your lawn mowed.

But, something seems to be missing. It’s a hot tub!

You might know that a hot tub relieves stress, makes your muscles and joints feel better, helps you relax and sleep better, and provides a place for years of memories.

But, did you now a hot tub planted in the middle of your gorgeous backyard also creates a serene atmosphere for relaxation and a lifetime of health and wellness?

Here’s how the hot tub is the centerpiece in the middle of all that beauty and how to choose a hot tub that fits your landscaping.
The Hot Tub is Your Backyard Centerpiece

Landscaping Ideas

Looking for inspiration on where to place your Hot Spring hot tub? We can help with a backyard consultation.

This gives you the opportunity to discuss your plans for the deal hot tub placement. Depending on your priorities, you may want to use landscaping elements to add to the privacy of your yard and your hot tub space, to complement the design aesthetics of your outdoor environment, or to enhance the relaxing atmosphere of your home spa.

Landscaping for Privacy

Use vibrant plants to add privacy to your outdoor hot tub space.

You can make your your spa a seamless part of your backyard by surrounding it with full, vibrant plants.

This basically creates an outdoor room that’s an extension of your home. Choose mature plants, trees, and bushes that are tall enough and thick enough to shield your spa from view, and your landscape installation becomes a natural privacy feature.

In addition, both garden and structural elements can work to create privacy around your hot tub.

If you prefer a minimalistic garden for either aesthetic reasons or for an eco-friendly water-wise design, plant elements can serve as statement pieces alongside a privacy structure, such as a pergola or gazebo or deck overhang.

You can also hang baskets filled with flowers or succulents from your gazebo or overhang. This can surround you as you soak in your spa. Or you could incorporate trellises covered with climbing vines into this structure, which adds yet another layer of shade and privacy.

Use plants, trees and bushes to create an oasis of privacy in your backyard.

Other options include adding planter boxes high on a fence or planting bushy groundcovers and vines that can extend past your fence’s reach.

Trees with full, low-hanging foliage can also provide a layer of privacy, though be aware that overhead branches can cause leaves and other debris to fall on your spa cover.

Bamboo trees, famed for their ability to rapidly grow to very high heights, can be planted close together, where they’ll quickly become a natural fence on their own.

The Hot Tub is Your Backyard Centerpiece

Landscaping for Ambiance

Once you decide where to put your hot tub, you can begin to imagine how it will fit within the environment.

If you have an existing landscape design that you want to keep intact, you want to consider how different hot tub models would look within that context.

Let the natural landscape inspire your hot tub environment and aesthetic. For example, you can choose a shell color that works well with your natural plantings.

Together, your hot tub and landscape features can blend into the natural environment. In this way, even the areas beyond your property become points of interest.

Decide whether you want your hot tub space to feel lush and cozy, with full plants tucked in tight around it, or open and spacious, with small plant features that are easier to contain.

You can customize color, texture, and external materials on your hot tub if seamless design in your backyard is a priority. We can help you understand your options for choosing the right hot tub model and personalizing its look to match your existing landscape.

Explore customizable hot tub features to complement your outdoor landscape design.

Landscape Lighting

Finally, lighting can be an important feature in your backyard design, as it helps create a welcoming hot tub experience after the sun goes down. Fragrant flowers and herbaceous plants like lavender and rosemary can introduce another sensory dimension to your home spa.

If you’re interested in creating a backyard environment conducive to socializing and entertaining, a hot tub is the perfect focal point.

Your landscape choices can help you make your dream come true. Plan your landscape features in a way that allows for movement and spaces to sit together. Privacy elements and overall aesthetics will also play a role in your yard’s cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

The Hot Tub is Your Backyard Centerpiece

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