In a time when negativity seems to dominate so much of what we hear and see, it feels so good to know that the swimming pool industry can and will reach out and make a difference.

Wanting nothing in return but to have “that feel good moment” and see people celebrate a love for water that none of us can truly imagine the Master Pools Guild led a wonderful effort.

In this article, we’re shining a light on the good things.Last year, the Master Pools Guild partnered with The Water Project in an effort to raise funds to give a school in sub-Saharan Africa a new well.

The fundraising efforts surpassed initial expectations!

Everyone was thrilled to find that, with help from Master Pools Guild members and other industry partners, enough money was raised to build the original well and a second one!

Both wells are in Sierra Leone, and both are at schools. The wells also serve the surrounding communities.

We salute everyone’s participation, friendship and caring for others!

Check Out the Video Below!