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Can I Add a Spa to My Pool

Can I Add a Spa to My Pool?

Family memories, fun times with friends, a relaxing spot for a swim and a great place for exercise. This and so much more is what you enjoy in your backyard swimming pool. You’ve created your dream backyard, and it’s a vacation spot right…
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How to Find the Serial Number on Your Hot Spring® or Hot Spot® Hot Tub

If you ever need to contact us about your Hot Spring or Hot Spot spa for a warranty claim or spa service, we need your serial number. It's a great idea to locate this number and write it in your owner's manual so it's easily accessible. In…
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Hot Tub Owner Stories

Hot Spring Spas is the world's leading brand of hot tubs!  See how warm water immersion and massage work together to provide a variety of benefits to help you lead a more active, fulfilled life! Listen to these owner stories to learn more about…
3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

There are lots of ways to lift your spirits in the winter, and this nice weather certainly is helping! But, did you to know that hot tub hydrotherapy can help brighten the winter blues? Here are 3 ways to beat the winter blues: #1: The Escape A…