Five Tips for a Romantic ​Valentine's​ Day​

Are you prepared for the big holiday? If not, here are five tips for a romantic Valentine’s Day. Make it one you’ll remember for a long time!

Make It Special

Make an invitation for your loved one inviting them to a hot tub rendezvous. Get creative and make it special. Think a red rose and a hand-printed invitation.

Create the Mood

Set the mood with candles and quiet music so you can enjoy the moonlight.

Lighting is key to your romantic evening. You can use candles, votives or the LED lamps in your hot tub. Go the extra mile and string lights in the trees.

Show your loved one you really care by taking the extra steps to make it a great evening.

Don’t forget the spa scents. They make your hot tub soak even more enjoyable.

Finally, create even more ambiance with a custom playlist. Music helps create the mood, so be sure and choose songs you both like.

Plan the Meal and Refreshments

This is a night to remember, and you want to plan your meal carefully. Here are some tips:

  • Drink sparkling water or hot chocolate while you soak.
  • Set out some chocolate covered strawberries as an appetizer.
  • Have a chilled bottle of wine ready for after your soak.
  • Either make or carry out your loved one’s favorite meal.

Five Tips for a Romantic Valentine's Day

Final Thoughts

Great relationships take work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and rewarding! Start your relationship off with a bang in the season of love and Valentine’s Day.

Create a memorable evening you’ll remember for a long time. Spend quality time together with no interruptions or digital distractions.

You might enjoy your romantic evening so much, you schedule weekly hot tub soaks just so you can spend time together, relax and reconnect.

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