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Opening Your Swimming Pool

 Opening your swimming pool for the season is one of the most important maintenance activities. Make sure you get it right by letting Fiesta Pools & Spas take care of the hassle for you!

Download Pool Opening Agreement

You may complete the form here to request your pool opening or print the Swimming Pool Opening Agreement:

Pool Opening Includes:

Removal of winterizing plugs and antifreeze, where possible and practical. Re-installation of: Pump filter and/or filter parts, gauges and fasteners. Exposed piping and equipment will be inspected and system will be started if possible. Cleaning of side walls or vacuuming of pool is excluded from this service contract unless added below.

    • Complex systems e.g. In-floor cleaners, water features, etc. that require additional labor will be assessed accordingly.
    • Jobs outside 25-mile radius will be billed extra travel.
    • REPAIRS ARE NOT A PART OF POOL OPENING. Repairs and/or replacement of poor equipment must be authorized by customer and will be invoiced on a separate work order, work will be scheduled for a return as quickly as our schedule will allow.
    • All items must be out and accessible at the time of opening. Any equipment plugs, sight glasses, pressure gauges, baskets, or other necessary equipment (will be replaced if on the truck) and billed at an additional charge. If we do not have the necessary equipment to open the pool, it will need to be rescheduled through the office.
    • Water level of the pool must be at the center of the skimmer at the time of opening or we can not start the equipment. If we have to return to start the equipment this is not included in the opening price and you will be rescheduled the next available date and will have a $50 return trip fee.
    • WINTER COVER MUST BE CLEAR of any excessive water, leaves, and debris on it at time of opening. If not, we will need to reschedule for the next available date, and there will be a $50 return trip fee.
    • Please bring a water sample into the store for analysis after the pool has been circulating for at least 24 hours.

Pool Opening Agreement

Please complete this contract to determine the cost of opening your pool.  Fill it out as completely as you can to describe the work you want done. Once you have completed the contract, please call (​918​) ​622​-​7250​ with your credit card number or stop by 9502 East 21st Street to pay by cash or check. CONTRACT MUST BE ON FILE PRIOR TO OPENING OF POOL.

Acceptance of Contract:

Please read this page carefully. If you need to change a scheduled opening date, call us promptly. By accepting this contract, you agree that the prices, specifications and conditions are satisfactory and are hereby accepted. We are authorized to do the work as specified. Payment to be made by cash, check or credit card before service is rendered. We will charge extra for any factors beyond our control or if any additional service is needed. Fiesta Pools will not assume responsibility and/or liability for damages incurred by removal and re-installation of equipment parts that are corroded, rusted, or otherwise deteriorated. Repairs and replacement will be at the owners’ expense. At opening, Fiesta Pools will not be responsible for any missing or damaged items of pool equipment stored on Owners’ property under their care and keeping over the winter months.

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