Chipotle Barbecued Turkey Burgers

Chipotle Barbecued Turkey Burgers

You’ll love this recipe for Chipotle Barbecued Turkey Burgers! Grilled turkey patties with spicy chipotle bbq sauce and cool guacamole make everyone smile.

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What Size Egg is Best for Me?


Ever wondered about the Big Green Egg? Have you asked the question, “What size Egg is best for me?” Read more

7 Tips for the Perfect Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day weekend is when we unofficially kick off summer! Like many people, you may be celebrating with a pool party.

To get you a head start on your planning, we’ve put together seven tips for the perfect Memorial Day party. Start planning now for the best success! Read more

Red Gold® Burgers

Red Gold Burgers

Combine Red Gold® Diced Tomatoes, green onions, garlic and jalapeno pepper for these dynamite Red Gold Burgers! Your friends and family will love them! Read more

The Ace Salt Water System – Why It’s Good For Your Spa

The Ace Salt Water System

Why do we love the Ace Salt Water System? Because with easy-to-care-for spa water that looks, feels and smells great, you’ll spend more time in your Hot Spring® spa.

Today we look at the Ace Salt Water System and why it’s good for your spa. Really, the difference is in the diamonds. Read more