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Swimming is Great for Weight Loss

Do you know anyone who swims on a regular basis? If so, you might notice they are super fit. They tend to eat what they want, yet they don’t pack on the pounds. Why is this? It’s the easy on your body sport of swimming. In this article, we discuss how swimming is great for […]

Employee Spotlight: Meet Doug

Meet Doug, our full-stime Service Manager, based out of our 21st Street store. He is the one who comes out to service and help you take care of your hot tub so it’s running perfectly when you want to use it!

Employee Spotlight: Aaron Williams

Meet Aaron Williams our full time retail associate at the 21st street store. Aaron has been with Fiesta since July 2016. He started out as summer help and became a full time employee in 2019. Did You Know? Aaron has a degree in Criminal Justice from NSU. He has two sisters, a brother and his […]


A Hot Tub Aids Digestion

Thanksgiving is full of friends, family, and food – lots and lots of delicious, once-a-year food. And, while that is so exciting, it can lead to some unfavorable side affects. So, if you’ve had one too many servings of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pie, this article is for you! We’re going to let you in […]