15 Pool Opening Tips

The weather is making everyone think of spring, and looking at the forecast, it seems like we are well on our way to gorgeous, warm weather.

So, it’s time to think about opening your swimming pool. To help you, here are six pool opening tips:

Get Organized

The first thing you want to do is make a list of everything you need. This includes any chemicals, equipment and tools.

Check for broken equipment and leaks.

If you have a heater, and you want to use it this spring, be sure and check it out.

Test the heater as well as your other pool equipment. As you test equipment, let it run for a good half hour to make sure everything is working properly, and nothing is leaking or needs service.

Be sure and check the expiration date on your chemicals as well.

Then, decide if you’ll open your pool or hire a professional to do it.

#1: Peek Under the Cover

It’s a good idea to take a look under your cover a week or two before you open your pool.

Add some additional chlorine. This will assist you with any water chemistry problems you might be experiencing while help to prepare your pool for opening.

#2: Clean Your Cover

You want to clean your cover before you take it off so debris doesn’t fall into the pool. Get as much water off it before you remove it as possible. You don’t want the dirty water in the pool either.

Consider a pump to help you remove rain water.

Once you’ve removed the cover, it’s time to really clean it. Lay it out on an open space, sweep off any remaining debris and use a cover cleaner to wipe away dirt and grime. Then spray it with your hose.

Let your cover dry completely before putting itPool Opening Complete away for storage to prevent mildew from forming. Store it in a dry place. Be sure it is up off the floor so bugs and rodents can’t get inside.

#3: Check Your Water

Your first step is to turn off the skimmer, open the main drains and point the return jets down.

Set your pump to run continuously on the highest speed until your water is clear.

You can add some shock and algaecide and brush the sides of your pool. Ask us about Pool Opening Complete, a new BioGuard product that clears your pool quickly.

#4: Add Water

Your pool has probably lost water, so you want to fill it up.

It’s a good idea to fill it up with your hose while you’re removing water from the top of your pool cover before removing it.

Don’t leave it unattended as you don’t want the siphon to remove the water from your pool in addition to your pool cover.

#5: Circulate the Water

Before you test your water and add products, make sure it’s been circulating for 24 hours.

Remember your pool has been covered for several months, and what’s on the bottom of the pool may not be the same as what’s on the top.

#6: Practice Safety

A final thing to think about is the safety of your pool.

Inspect your pool barriers and ensure that they can protect children and pets from drowning.

Do everything you can to create barriers to unauthorized access to your pool – think neighborhood children or wandering pets. Ask yourself if someone can climb over your fence or use a tree for leverage. Look for holes in your fence, too.

Take a look at your backyard pool from your own children’s vantage point as well and make sure they are safe.

If you’re ready to open your pool, follow these steps for an easier opening. If you’d like some help, please contact our service department today for an easy opening.